Bo'ness to Blackness to Edinburgh Bus Services - X19 + C19
The Community Strikes Back - NEW C19

Use it or Lose it - the X19 + C19


The X19 service is still going as of Aug 2017 but with a reduced timetable. Leaving Falkirk at 7am and getting into Bo'ness about 7:24 or so. Return service leaves Edinburgh Bus Terminus at 17:30pm. Please check as this post may last a long time, unlike Bo'ness Bus Services.

But see the new Bo'ness Community Bus Service C19. Bo'ness - Blackness - Edinburgh. Several services per day. Loads more here or go straight to their website.

End of August 2017 Update.


A key issue identified by the Coalfieds Regeneration Project is bus links.

I needed to make an early morning trip into Edinburgh recently but instead of my usual drive or bus trip up to Linlithgow to get the train decided to give the X19 a go.

The X19 Falkirk, Grangemouth, Bo'ness to Edinburgh route is run by Prentice Westwood with a subsidy provided by Falkirk Council.

Here is the current timetable (August 2017 - this may get out of date).

Current Adult Day return fair is around £9.50. This compares well with a Peak time train return coming in at over £9.00 plus the cost and time of getting up to Linlithgow (about £4.50 return or thereabouts).

The bus is an older but still comfortable Coach with shiny leather (effect?) seats. Has a WC too. 

Lots of stops in Bo'ness and will stop pretty much anywhere in Edinburgh but picking up is from designated X19 stops. Took about 50 minutes for the 9.30am journey (now only a 7am service). Return at 5.30pm was a bit slower than 50 minutes due to heavier traffic.

The 5.30pm return (leaving from St. Andrews Square Bus Station) was reasonably busy but you'll have no trouble getting a seat.

Summary - a useful alternative to the train. Cheaper and probably quicker in most circumstances. Use the X19 or lose the X19.

And a great new service run by volunteers. Please consider the C19. Remember to book.


Try the tool for accurate timetables.