Coalfield Project

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Coalfield Project

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust is the leading regeneration organisation dedicated to improving the quality of life in Britain’s former mining communities. We are a charitable company and social enterprise with teams deployed across England, Scotland and Wales.

The 2013 to 2018 is split into the following headings.


Theme 1: Community Facilities & Activities


Priority 1. New Community Hub

Priority 2. Support access to existing premises

Priority 3 Support for existing groups and activities

Priority  4 Continued & expand support for young people

Priority 5 Upgrade Recreation Centre


Theme 2: Environment & Outdoor Recreation.


Priority 1 Develop Kinneil Estate and Woods

Priority 2 Develop a network of paths and cycle tracks

Priority 3 Improve play, sports and Skateboard facilities

Priority 4 Town and Village enhancement in Bo’ness & Blackness

Priority 5 Maintain the Green Belt


Theme 3 Heritage & Culture


Priority 1 Kinneil House and Museum

Priority 2 Interpretation and promotion of the Industrial Heritage

Priority 3 Continued support for the areas living culture, groups and events



Theme 4 Access to Transport & Services.


Priority 1 Retain, expand and integrate train and bus services

Priority 2 Develop and sustain existing support services for the vulnerable in the Community



Theme 5: Economy & Tourism


Priority 1 Branding and Promoting

Priority 2 Continued Town and Harbour regeneration

Priority 3 Support existing businesses and initiatives

Priority 4 Development of more facilities and amenities in Blackness



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