Forthbridges Accordion Band

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Forthbridges Accordion Band

 From the Q and A section of the band's website. Says it all, a band guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

What is the Forth Bridges Accordion Band?
The Forth Bridges Accordion Band is a community marching accordion band which has its base in Bo’ness. Our aim is to “provide our local community with the performance and teaching of music”.

When was the band formed and by whom?
The band was formed in July 2008 by local primary school teacher Alan Potters. Although still under Alan’s leadership, the band is now run by a committee of 5 members who each have a specific role to perform in ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Is the band part of any religious groups?
No, The Forth Bridges Accordion Band is neither a member of, nor promotes, any religious groups. We are a community band, so our membership is open to everyone, regardless of religion.

What age groups attend your band?
The age range is currently between 3 and 70+. Membership is open to anyone from the age of 8 for accordion playing, 10 for drumming and 3 for percussion.

How many members are in the band?
As at October 2012 there are around 46 members.

When and where is band practice held?
Band practice is held each Monday evening in Bo’ness Public Primary School. An alternative venue, also in Bo’ness, is used during school holidays.