James Watt Celebrations 2019

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Events to mark 200th anniversary of inventor’s death

He was one of the pioneers of the Industrial Revolution. He became so famous his name was used to denote a unit of energy.

Now – in 2019 – heritage chiefs are going “full steam ahead” with efforts to honour him.

January 5 marks the 250th anniversary of the patent of James Watt’s “separate condenser” – the invention which radically improved steam engines and changed the world. August 2019 will also be the 200th anniversary of Watt’s death.

Learn more on the James Watt Celebration website.

To see the location itself Visit Kinneil Estate (free access at all times) and Kinneil Museum (6 days a a week closed Tuesdays - from 12:30 to 4pm - Free entry). See The Friends of Kinneil website for travel details and other information.

James Watt Cottage (Workshop) where he developed the efficient steam engine


Kinneil House, Bo'ness. James Watt Cottage to left of house.