Children's Play Areas around Bo'ness.

Read about all the play areas you can take the kids for an hour. There are more, but these are the main ones I can think of. None are truly epic but the Dougles Park and Kinneil Estate are probably the best. And all are good for the tiny ones.

Kinneil Play Area

Play Area at Kinneil Estate


Swings, climbing frame and a rocking horse thingy. New giant climbing pyramid.

Please visit Kinneil Museum - Free Entry, about 1 minutes walk from the Play Area (just down the hill from this location). Open 12:30pm to 4pm 6 days a week (closed only Tuesday). Lots to look at and things to do for kids. Dress up as a Roman; 'Brass' Rubbing (except being Bo'ness it's Iron Rubbing); Pottery Jigsaw, "Smelly Vision" - the rotting whales isn't as strong as it was; working Roman Catapult (not real size sadly); and lots of wee animals upstairs (sadly stuffed).
Good loos including disabled access and changing facilities.
Plus a warm welcome from the friendly staff who can introduce you to the rest of the Estate. The Estate is always open, no gates or closing time.

Activity Map at Kinneil Estate

Looking for an activity for families. Download and print out this activity map for Kinneil Estate. Give the youngsters page 1 and go for a tour of the Estate. Keeping page 2 for the answers. And pop into the Museum (free entry - open 6 days - closed Tuesdays) - remember your mask. More details here.

Douglas Park

Newly updated with lots of exciting features for play. Including older kids.

Victoria Park

Swings. And a climbing frame with slide. Updated 2018.

Calder Park

Swings and Things

Drumacre - Grahamsdyke

Good for smaller ones.


Great for younger kids