The Seabox Society


 The Seabox Society. Providing funds for good causes since the 17th Century.

Merchant shipping was, and still is, a very dangerous profession. Piracy was a problem. And piracy still is. Shipwrecks, dangerous cargoes, storms and so on took their toll of brave Bo'ness Sea Fairers.

James Kidd, in great distress

Horrific tales of brutal treatment and families left destitute due to missing breadwinners abound. One can only imagine what befell James Kidd 'a seafairer in these parts" which would lead to him being in "great distress".

And so a Seabox Society was formed. A portion of profits from trading was put aside to compensate injured sailors or their families. The Seabox Society still operates in Bo'ness today.

And to continue the generous spirit Bo'ness has been named Charity Town of the Year.